2021 Mission Trip Dates: July 24th-28th!!

For more information contact Meredith Cutshall:, or call the church office at 630-585-7777 ext. 322.

Memphis Mission Trip - Praying Pelican Missions 

July 27th - August 2nd, 2019


And They're Off! 

The Crossroads Memphis Mission Team of all generations heads out to share the love of Jesus!

Sunday Worship

The message and worship were amazing at the host church where the team stayed.


Sunday Prayer

The team spent time in the neighborhood praying for people, and took a beautiful prayer walk over a bridge that connects Tennessee and Arkansas.

Meals on Wheels

The day was spent delivering lunches for Meals on Wheels to people in need in Memphis. An amazing opportunity to talk to and pray for the community.


Church Beautification

The team helped with prepping and tiling the floor in the Fellowship Hall of the host church.


Shopping for 200...

The girls went shopping...800 tortillas, 25 pounds of meat for tacos, lettuce, cheese...the works. Prepared a meal to feed 200 at a homeless men’s shelter.


Serving Many!

The team made over 200 sack lunches plus a hot meal to serve at a soup kitchen and Calvary Rescue, a men’s homeless shelter. 

Rainbow Rehab Visit

Visiting the residents at Rainbow Rehab and Memory Care Center. Lives were transformed this week...the team is blessed and excited to share those stories with you.

For more information regarding the ministry, email Meredith Cutshall:, or 630-585-7777 ext. 322.